MetamorFIT Supports A Mother’s Wish

We are so excited to announce a very important event that we will be having at the studio on April 15th!  While we realize this email is lengthy, please take two minutes to read as this event is very personal to us as a family. 

In January 2016 our youngest son Carter was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when he was just 5.  While it is incredibly difficult to hear that your son will live with a chronic incurable illness for the rest of his life, there have been so many positive things to come out of his experience and one of them is the amazing support system we have gained in the process.  My wife, Heather, was lucky enough to be connected with other Crohn’s moms in the area through the non profit organization A Mother’s Wish.  This amazing group of women have given our family support in a time of uncertainty and we would like to give back that support.  

We will be having free classes starting a 9 am on Saturday April 15th.  While these classes are free, we ask that you bring a minimum $10 dollar cash or check donation with you to class.  Any and all donations we receive will go directly to A Mother’s Wish for them to use to support other families in our immediate community that suffer from Crohn’s.  Your donations for A Mother’s Wish will also help fund research so that one day we may find a cure for adults and kids like Carter.

Classes that day are as follows:

9 am – Kettlebell

10 am – POUND

11 am – FIT HIIT

12 pm – FIT Kids

In addition, we will have healthy whole foods snacks which are favorites for our family and other families we have met along this journey.  Heather I will be here to talk about nutrition, and the whole foods based way of life we have adopted since Carter’s diagnosis.  There will also be a few adult beverages for you to enjoy after class!

We will also be raffling off three very special gifts including a ticket to A Mother’s Wish Casino Night Gala in October, A 10 class package from metamorFIT AND A FREE SIT IN ON THE PRESTON AND STEVE SHOW! 

We are also so excited to announce that Preston from WMMR’s Preston and Steve show will be in the studio at12 pm!

If you cannot make it to a class, please consider stopping by to meet members of A Mother’s Wish and the metamorFIT family, to purchase some tickets, to enter yourself into the raffles, or to meet Preston!

We really look forward to seeing you all on April 15th!  Please see the flyer below for more information.  You can register for classes by going to our website at

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